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Just had A-PLAN on the phone my insurance is due for renewell..

they have said a company that they use,use GOOGLE STREET VIEW to find my car..

shocked and stunned when he said

does it have gold wheels


and the number 11 on the roof

and an STI spoiler....

told him the stickers are going but bugger me cant even park the car on the road now without someone spying on it to make sure im telling the truth.....


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How up to date is Google Maps?...i know when i look on Google Earth it is about 5+ years old (based on my known local spots and my old car on the drive!)

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they can have a look on google earth for our place............. as it's a field!!!!!! pmsl.

and my motor is garaged....... spends most of its life in there!!! :laughing:

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Dont know how long you,ve had your scooby mate but them google earth street views are well out of date , i,ve been living in this house for 5 years and the street view still shows the previous owners car and curtains in the window, so unless you live in a new property its a pure fluke that your car was there when they filmed it

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Will have too take a look on google!!

Luckily mine is completely standard looking :funny34d:

apart from your carbon bonnet, carbon boot, grid drift wheels..... :respect:

sheepy what company have aplan put you with????

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