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Car Photo Shoot Offer


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Ok..ive had permission from your gaffers to invite MS to a Photo Shoot that UKscoobies are holding at one of my mates studios.These guys are amazing and offering UKscoobies members a brilliant discount and offer that i want to share with you lot on here.Theres the studio which as all the professional gear and can be done on a white back ground or black,and theres also a spot outside the studio that gives a good retro shot.(i will try and post some of mine up but dont think im allowed lol).My mates will supply a BBQ so if we all supply the drink and food then we can make a good day out of this.Heres some brief details of what you will get on the day.They can also do a massive vynal print which are amazing,if you have the space you can have 10ft x 8ft or 8ft x 6ft and these are mint quality done in High Resolution............you get ALL the photos that get snapped,then you choose approx 15 to have edited in High Resolution..

You can have almost an hour shooting each car in the white or black studio. We'll do the same as the rising sun shoot effectively so if they want the car on the own done or the car with them or friends posing with it we can do that, however they want to spend the hour. The guys can view the images on the day and select approximately 15 images to be edited. I'll then edit them to the same standard as we did your car and supply the images on CD. If they want any prints or frames we can supply samples and take orders on the day on top of the price. The cost £50 per car.

probably Saturday 27th August.....BBQ will be supplied if we supply the food......

hopefully i can post these pictures up.



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