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Next 48 hours are critical


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Keith was mugged in the street a week last Saturday, left unconscious on the pavement and they nicked his pizza. Really gave him a massive kicking, legs back and head. To a man who is already infirm (weighs less than 9 stone now) this has been a massive hurdle for him to try and get over. We have been backwards and forwards to A&E since then as he has a few broken bones and the attacked re triggered his brain seizures. Although I no longer live with him, I do go around there regularly to try and keep him safe and we have had people staying with him since the incident. His condition began to deteriorate a few days ago and he became increasingly confused, unable to walk or look after himself, hallucinating and fitting frequently.

Early hours of yesterday morning he had a massive seizure resulting in a fall which has broken his left shoulder (he broke his right in similar circumstances last year), internal bleeding and destabilised his heart. He was rushed to crash @ Queens as they couldn't stop the seizures, they were coming one after another. They had to ventilate him as he could no longer breath on his own. It took 5 hours to get him stable enough to go to HDU. During this time, the doctors informed me that there was another problem, highlighted by his blood results (they know his history and his normal blood pattern, even recognised me!) but the results showed liver and kidney failure too. This is life threatening. They have said there is nothing they can do except watch and wait and see if he gains enough strength to start to fight his way through it and that the next 48 hours are critical.

Well, we are through 12 of those long hours now so here is praying that the next 36 go smoothly too.

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OH Dear, :crybaby: I hope finds the strength to pull through.

I hope the B*&@rds choked on the pizza! :thumb::crybaby: :crybaby:

The pizza will be the least of their worries if we find out who is responsible.

Hope they rot in hell.

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my god as if kieth hasnt been through enough,our thoughts go out to you and your family di,

hanging aint good enough for scum like this,peoples justice needs handing out

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