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Fast & Furious 5 - Total Car Magazines Exclusive.....


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The latest installment of everybody’s favourite movie franchise Fast and Furious 5 will explode on to the big screens in cinemas across the UK on April 21st.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are back with an all-star cast and Total Car Magazines has secured an exclusive interview with the car coordinator from all five movies, Dennis McCarthy.

We would like your help in putting the questions to Dennis and want you to post the questions you most want answered on this thread. We will THEN choose the best ones, and include these in the Fast and Furious 5 exclusive running in the May/June issue of the magazine.

To whet your appetite for the movie release here is theatrical trailer: http://fast-and-furious-5-movie-trailer.blogspot.com/

Fire Away!

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Why is vin diesel gay

Why do the quarter mile runs take 45 seconds

Why are the films all cheesy to hell

I could continue !!! Not really my bag could of been such good films but oh no Hollywood s**te at it's best !!!

Paula still wants to convert batty boy vin !!! But alas he's as bent as Julian clary

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i will do fella when i buy it for my son for 2 pound down the pub !!!! hmmm the joys of CD piracy

Thats when I was thinking about!! lol :Hammer3:

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I am. Have already got a green dragon graphic down each side of the car along with ridiculous paint job. Also got fitted a ludicrously long gear stick with skull gear nob to match.

Had her set up with hydraulic rams to go over stuff in the road and also drops the car to go under articulated lorries.

My car can now do 250 mph and have set her up to do at least 180 around corners thanks to an infinite amount of NOS I've installed.

Also got a JDM girlfriend off the Internet called Mebonyarse. Bargain, as they can't wait to get out of Japan and find a towel.

More info visit my website @ www. Overhypedsackofs**te. Com

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