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Desire HD Owners... A word of warning


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Will try to keep this simple

My desire just lost all it's messages. Some from years ago that I transfered from my old phone that I kept that were important.

Happened when I received a new message, loaded the app up and everything was blank.

Spent all morning surfing the net and turns out its a common problem with no solution crybaby.gifcrybaby.gif.

HTC seem to ignore the issue, and the only solution seems to be using a 3rd party app to back up any new messages you may get. No help now though and I'm more than just upset.

As i've noticed on meets and on reading posts on here, quite a few have this phone (problem applies to all HTC's i think). Just thought I'd share my todays woes and advise anyone else whos got one to start backing up. I've always backed up files and photos etc, never ever thought to back up text messages as well!

On a separate note, I'm convinced the messages are still there in a scrambled file somewhere as my internal memory storage has not changed. Maybe one day I'll be able to retrieve them unless someone knows a genius software guru to do it for me????

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Bad news that matey, got the same phone and am on my 3rd handset in a month. Haven't had an issue with messages but keep getting and issue were incoming calls go to answerphone and i get i text message saying i've had a missed call even though my phones in service very annoying.

I like the phone though, when it works

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I have the HTC Desire and I have to say, so far, I've had no problems with it <touching wood as he types!!>

Sorry to hear you've lost the old messages and hopefully someone can sort it out for you.

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