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Sticking our nose in......


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it seems yet again we are on the brink of entering into a conflict (its war but the government think conflict sounds less aggressive)

so the libyans want to bring down their leadership and that results in UK soldiers inevitably losing life

sounds negative and i truly hope they do not lose life or go into battle but this is not good

why oh why do we need to get involved

i know there is a bigger picture but .................. grrrrrrrr


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British forces are goin to Libya. this is the final part of David Cameron's statement to the House of Lords

The choice we have made is to play our part in joint international action to enforce international law:

• to uphold the will of the United Nations Security Council

• to respond to the calls from Arab countries and the Arab League

• and to do the right thing for the people of Libya who want greater freedoms, and above all for the UK's own national interest.

I pay tribute to the brave members of our armed forces who will be carrying out this work.

And I commend this Statement to the House.

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ha ha that made me chuckle sheepy...... :rolleyes5:

its all well and good leaving them alone, but what about when he starts bombing the innocent people...the man is a fruitcake...should have exterminated him a long time ago.

i agree i dont want to see us get involved at all, the last thing we need is dragging our stretched forces to another hell hole.....

i think it will only get worse in that part of the world.....

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Just nuke the lot of em !!! Big fooookin a bomb !!! That will do nicely

and while they are letting a few nukes off they should make a detour to afghanistan and bahrain!

just cover the whole place in concrete

ha ha ha ha you guys ..........with such intellectual responses like that i think we should have a debating section lol :blushing:

(and no gaz not a mass debating section) :laughing:

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