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Sam BUsrst into tears today


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Well late morning Sue decided that she didn't wan to come to the Bubble meet (as it was a bit cold - and standing around in the cold isn't her idea of fun), Max wasn'r bothered, but Sam wanted to go....

SO I said (in order to score brownie points for future ocassions) that we wouldn't go as it wouldn't be much fun without everyone, so I'l stay home and do some jobs.

The kids wanted to go the the aquatic shop to look at fish, and we said we'd do that after lunch. At which point lunch time was declared and Sam burst into tears as he was expecting to go look at the scoobies and have lunch out ..... :welcome:

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I did think about it, and will do next time, but by the time he burst into tears it was about 12:30 and I was already out in the garden tools everywhere doing jobs, so it would have been about 2pm by the time we'd have got there by then :welcome:

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