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The fence to the side of my garden bordering the back of another garden came down sat morning, having only been here two and a half years I was sure solicitor said that isn't my boundry, so went inside and checked my copy deeds and sure enough its not. When I got back from shopping etc there was the woman from that house knocking my door saying did you realise YOUR fence is down, I said yes I did see that THE fence was down but its not mine its yours. After a bit of an argument it turns out the previous owner for the last 20 years had replaced the fence and repaired and maintained it.

I popped round later with my copy of the deeds which shows her boundries and two other houses as well as mine. Boy how shocked she was. I am already responsible for the rear and left hand side, Im not going to sort theirs out as well, when the only othe one they have is to their right!!!

From her saying that I will have to replace it, in the first instance, I bet we now will just see some slight repairs and perhaps a new post or two!! I wouldn't mind, but they are in their 60's grown up kids and no bloody mortgage in a £300k house :fighting0077:

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