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Now up and running....


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...after changing my turbo a few weeks ago i had not had chance to bleed my coolant sytem and fit the bung i have had made for my intake pipe post dump valve replacement

pleased to say finally got around to it today with andy in tow (thanks again andy...not a bad lad really :thumb: )

now just awaiting my remap thats booked on 9th Feb and then lots of cleaning finishing due before the show season :driving:

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Richard think the exploding car is a bit harsh but could well be true and Scatty is that 1 of his passengers at the start of your post.

It could be worse he was desperate to take it for a drive bearing in mind its run out of tax, has his dodgy german plates and didn't have a bonnet on it.

Well I just couldn't help but :rofl:

Was crying out to be stopped by the :harhar: and :wine:

Luckily common sense prevailed and it stayed in the garage.

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