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hear him a mile off...........


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Mr Scoobyjam that is....... :D:hurray:

just steped out me front door and could hear jamie going throught the centre of syston with his antilag on..... :coolgleamA::laugh::coolgleamA::laugh:

the centre is a good 3/4 of a mile down the road...... but you could tell it was him!!!!

he just laughed when i phoned him, and didnt believe me at first!!! :o:thumb:

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like i need any encouragement........... :laugh::o

hhhhhmmmmmmmm launch control......... :coolgleamA::thumb:

no........ think i'll stick to the ecu-tek for now :D:coolgleamA:

but never say never..... lol :hurray::laugh:

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couldnt have been me i never use my antilag :thumb::hurray: , true i was shocked when he said he could here my car almost a mile away pmsl ,there are some right hooligans about im not one of them honest :laugh:

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