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I'm off out ..........


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On the settee with a blanket and hot non alcoholic drinks for me. :rockon:

It's the 3rd year in a row I've come down with a cold.

Managed to dr :blush: ag myself out the other 2 yrs,

really can't be a***d this year.

:wacko: Everyone have a good time :prrr:

I was the same, have had cold/flu for over 2 weeks now, thought I'd got rid, then this week started feeling like crap. We all went to my Mum's to celebrate new year and I ended up havin a bit of tea, coke and a Lemsip and sodded off to bed on my own at 11.10 and went straight to sleep. Its the first time I can ever remember not seeing the new year in. Feeling a bit better today now though, thank God.

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