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the end of scooby owership


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its the end of the line, went to tesco near me and there was no grit near the car park, turned into it and the car wouldnt stop, i managed to miss 2 parked cars but hit a post instead. theres not much damage to be honist, but looking over the car the lower cross member has gone, the bumper, the intercooler is all bent. the insurrence will class it as a right offcar, the car runs ok. would cost about 500 to get all sorted & sprayed up. but wouldnt be able to sell her on, so im going to break her down for parts. spent over 2k on the engine alone a couple of months back

with all the mods done & performance parts list.

i should make back at least 3k

due to no real job again, i can not repair her so its the end of the scooby line for me

and after saying the scoobis great in the snow, my bloody look.

it needs the front bumper/front mount core/bumper support/cross member and then the front bumper spraying. every thing else seems fine, even the bonnet never got touched, being classed a right off. i wouldnt be able to sell her on

if anyone want to take her off my hands for a reasonable price. pm me

id take my plate off and the stereo. even has the recaro front seats too.

gutted, but its one of them things :unsure:

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thanks guys, still continplating on getting her done like.

priced it all up for me to do it, and get every thing like.

comes to £443.00 inc paint.

the only thing i can not do is fit the cross member.

im not going through my insurrence.

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flippin heck dave, i thought we'd turned a corner with your run of bad luck...

hope you can get it fixed, shame to let it go after all the work you have put in.....

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thats for a new:-

cooler core

cross member

front bumper


all the 559 paint needed

and delivery for it all

dont know how much it will cost for someone to fit the lower cross member.

is it worth it, or worth breaking the car.

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any where good that can weld these lower cross members on?

im thinking hard here mate, i'll tell you.

as nothing else was touched, its mainly that lower cross member that needs doing, the rest is really the norm.

just no funds.

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Whats needed to fit the lower cross member is it a welded item if so may know someone who can do it for you.

from the factory, im sure there spot welded.

its only £33 for a new one of them, it wouldnt take much to sort the car out.

im just mainly bothered about the car being classed as a catc/d or what ever they class it as.

it will make it near imposable to shift if i desided too.

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seem to be a one man band mate

i;ve soursed every thing needed.

will know more after i take every thing off tomorrow

only then will i know the exact damage.

carnt see it being lots. but you never know

would make sence to get her back to scratch.

but some as trivia as no grit, can be so drastic

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your the only man i know that has less luck than me dave ffs.

just glad your ok mate and it didnt skid into any pedestrians ect.

hope shes sorted soon pal.

ive just finished work at 11pm and its -5 and fookin treacherous out there ffs.

go steady folks.

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Fix it if you can mate, its a classic... it's what it's worth to you, not someone else (just dont sell it!)

You'd probably spend £500 trading up and the time to strip etc.

Swings and Roundabouts.

I'd hate to see mine end up on the scrap heap!

let us know what you decide to do... post some pics too so we can share your pain :unsure:

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hi dave just read this post gtted for you mate im getting my old silver classic back tomorow im gona be breaking it for spares if you need anything off the front end i can cut the crossmember out for you if you need it and i could weld it in yours for you no problem let me know if you need anything off the body as thats going to the scrapyard when im done ok mate cheers jamie

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pm'ed you mate.

thanks, taken the front end off.

the bumper has a bash mark, the splitter is damaged, but being fibra glass, i can repair that

the intercooler core is bent.

the main damage is the cross member. the sides are still intact. pics will be uplater

the red and all the intercooler pies were ok, the aircon red is a litte bent, but there only a 10er on ebay.

just need a desent garage to do the cross member, the restg i'll get done.

she'll be up & running like new soon

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managed to find the exact intercooler core.

put an offer for it

seen one, lucky i didnt bid as i have a slightly larger core.

still, just need a proper place to get this cross member done

being the scoob, want it done perfect really.

also get it seem welded, for exstra strenth

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ive manage to get some funds together, and got all the parts needed, + the offer from scoobyjam74 for a proper cross member, all i need to hope, is the offer i put on the inter cooler core works out.

then its a case of getting the cross member welded, paint whats needed, and bobs your uncle.

the insurrence would have taken excess of 500, + id of lost my no claims.

do it this way, i keep my no claims and it will still be around the 500, maybe slightly more.

but keep my no claims

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