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MS bowling night....


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Car stuff is always there but try this aswell for a change for the new year...

Not any good but so bloody what always fun, Just thinking of a new thing the club could venture :party:

Not just scoob stuff but social aswell :party:

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Cheer's matey...

This place is quiet nowadays so don't expect a quick reply...

Either way if anyone is interested leave a reply 10 months from now :coolgleamA:

At least I'm trying to arrange something can't call me for that :blush:

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Will let your gauges slip but ya gimpy arm is no excuse haha..

It's all fun at the end of the day and a dozen of us with a pint or two and a meal with a hotel room ain't nothing to be sniffed at.

We haven't done it yet but think it would be a great night of fun and banter :coolgleamA:

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I know this won't happen but would be a crack if it did....

car stuff is great but social stuff never happens here!

Apart from ice skating between the gods :blush:

that would be a good one. as well as bowling, ice skating....

i bet some of you have done this in the past :coolgleamA:

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So just a list of possibles for this as could put my feeler's out about it in the new year...

Not to step on event organisers toes :thumb:

Don't want ivan and shorty tooled up after me :D

Up for a bowl:

1:Kettering wrx (matt) :iagree:

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