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ohhhh top job fella bet you had a semi on all day fella lol !!!! well ya wife tolf me its like that most the time !!!!! :party::party:

hope all is good though mate , and you be carefull out there as people like scooby jam and hendo are about lol !!!!!!

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Well, managed to get everything sorted after a last minute rush :D

Insurance cover note, check :)

Travel to Scoobyprojects, check :)

Collect MOT cert, check :)

Rush to post office before it shuts, check :)

Get road tax disc, check :)

Pay the bill, check :)

Drive home, :winkin::D


Can't say in words how pleased I am with the job that Keith and his team have done, it's taken 4 months, but that's due to being in no rush (hey it had already sat in my garage for 18 months what's a fwe weeks here and there between friends :) ), which worked for both of us, and some decisions were required as we went along that cost probably at least a month of that time while I sourced parts, such as a pair of new heads for a start :party:

Car drove superb on the way home, but as I had the old block in the boot (going to make it into a table :) )I was taking it steady. (will let you know how the table idea goes once I start on it).

100 mile trip home, and it never missed a beat.

I've posted a pic in the gallery section in the existing thread for those that want to see the ScoobyProjects hard work that delivered my blue and black colour scheme. And I have to say I really like it :party:

Just need some blue plug leads now, and to fit the carbon fibre bits I've got, and we're sorted (well for now) :D

Once again big thanks Keith, and it was a pleasure to meet you finally today :D

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Thank you Paul for the kind words, we were all very pleased with the end result also and being honest I think we all have a special little place for your car in our hearts as she is an absolute credit to you.

So many of our customers have commented on your car, so it is no surprise that she has a huge fan club on this forum.

Thank you once again for trusting us with your pride and joy, and many happy hours of motoring from now on ;-)

Keith and the Team

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