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Just found out...........


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Not to poach your post sir greyhead but found out some interesting things a while back myself...

My mothers side of the family are Scot's and original surname was may apparently going back through the history they are aloud to wear the macdonald tartan...

Same family or something like that and as i have scottish blood in me i can wear the macdonald tartan.

For those Scot's out there that give a damn.

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top of the mornin to ya lee do ya like dags ?? ;)

oh just a thought why did you go for an iveco and not drawn to getting a transit for the track car :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::wacko: im just gona hide now ok mate

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Joking aside, I once found out that my grandma's sister's son's son turns out to be, yes you guessed it

my second cousin to the first cousins' son.

Cool or what :wacko:;)

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