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FS 2005 Subaru Forester STI


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For Sale, my well used but well looked after Subaru Forester STI in Crystal Grey Mica 48W.

I have owned the car for 9 years and covered around 70k miles in that time. the car currently has 105k miles on the clock. The car has been in the country since new, it is not a fresh or recent import. It had the head gasket done at 90k miles, at which time it also had a new uprated clutch (as I planned to up the power) but bought a second car for that purpose instead. It also had a cam belt at the same time - about 2 years ago now, so isn't due for a while.

This has been used as a family car and a track car in the past, but only as a family car for about the last 4 years. (I have a separate track car now).


The car had new genuine Brembo discs and pads all round for last years MOT, and a new set of tyres all round this year (Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2).


The car was quickly cleaned this evening (but no waxed) to take the photos.


The car could do with some TLC, and to be fair needs a little paint. the A pillar got scratched years ago by a windscreen fitter, and the repair done by chips away has failed and needs to be redone. It also needs the roof repairing where something fell on it.
Car has a thick folder with 9 years of history, servicing, parts etc.


Car is close to OEM, and still runs the OEM map.
It is fitted with the aero spats, and with the STI pink springs on the standard shocks. Centre dash was replaced with a black painted UK dash, as it went sticky (common issue).
It also has front and rear whiteline strut braces, rear is on quick release so can be removed.
Front shocks have the common knock problem that comes and goes. I deal with this by using spray grease on the struts about twice a year which seems to deal with the problem.
Boot has a genuine liner/mat, and has the load cover as well.
Wheels are ready for a refurb, and the interior could do with a damn good clean, I will try to do this weather permitting, and then add some interior pics.
Car is fitted with a PSI3 but this will be removed. The PSI 3 is fitted into a genuine OEM double DIN nav pod, with the convertor to install the clock in a single DIN. This can all be converted back to the original dash top glove box, parts will be provided.
Car can be supplied with a Pioneer double DIN stereo, this is negotiable. There is also a box full of various parts, inlcuding the sticky centre dash and the original dash top "glove box".


This car is a well looked after example that has become a bit battered and bruised by serving as a family car, and this is reflected in the price.


Open to sensible offers.


Any questions please ask - if you want photos let me know.

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