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Charity ride out


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Im just gauging interest at the moment.. 
I lost my husband to cancer three years ago and I know cancer will effect us all one way or another.

I was thinking about having a subaru charity ride out day in the new year, stopping at various places and picking up more people and ending somewhere good. With a take part fee and all go to charity.

I know subaru people in different groups in the country and they are interested.
Please let me know if this something you would be interested in and I can start trying to plan it.

Any ideas suggestions let me know.

Thanks everyone

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Hi I have I have a plan. Please take a look and see of you would be interested in coming along and depending on where people are coming from can have more stops. 


Please also share and I hope to come along to the donnington breakfast meet next month and pass out a few flyers and say hi. 



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