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How is everyone

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On 9/17/2019 at 10:08 AM, gwr northants said:

How do folk . Thought I would pop on and see who’s still alive and kicking !! Lot of new faces on I see !! 

Hope everyone is good , and not causing bother for the admin !! That’s my job lol 

hey fekker hows life?


im back in a scoob again, a hawk sti this time. what you mooching around in these days?



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8 hours ago, artyscoob said:

How do Gaz. I'm still here. I've been retired since April this year.

Sold the WRX RA about three months ago, but still enjoying burbling about in the Silver Turbo 2000

Bloody life of Riley mate !! Fair play mate !! Can’t wait for my retirement !! Think I’m gonna have to sell the kids lol 

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20 hours ago, scoobyspud said:

All is well thanks Gaz.

Took early retirement this year.

Off to Tenerife on Tuesday for two weeks.

How you and the family getting on?

Bloody hell everyone’s retiring . Dammm there’s me still a spring chicken 

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