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Curborough 2018


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Superb day at Curborough today for our yearly event. Big thanks to all the members that came out. All the cars looked fantastic as always. And yet again the weather was kind to us. 


Special thanks go out to :- 


@oscarcat2011 & Pete for looking after the raffle tickets and doing a superb job yet again 


@salsa-king for being the Clubs MC :) 


@ScoobieFloz for picking out Car of The Show 


@Essbon for help setting up and pulling everything down at the end of the day 


and everyone else else who helped out through the day 


The guys on track for behaving impeccably through the day 


hopefully 2019 will be another great event to look forward to. Next year will be the 6th year of doing this event 


Please post photos you have in this thread. Here are a few 





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Yes had a great Day Steve, Big thanks to all the organisers, Great Day, here are some of my pics :-

























































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29 minutes ago, salsa-king said:

great pix John @padgo plenty of wheel blur too, what shutter speed did you opt for? I tried 1/80 but struggled and upped it to 1/100 which seemed a bit better.


Thank you Phil, I used 1/200, after your advice last year. 👍

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brilliant day, really enjoyed it.

Loved going round in Steve's car and Bonny's too, also got to drive Paul's lovely Spec- C Yellow Hatch and also him take me out with him driving it how it should be driven.


all my 115 pix are here, just a quick edit with no cropping other than a few of my car at the end. 

 If there's anyone who wants a.. printed, mounted on a 400x500 mount board with bevelled cut edges and then framed up (£25)... I'll do a full edit of the photo :)


Click the link....




A few good ones are here for now ...





Love Chris' face on this one..



Cool as a cucumber @Ted Ed 









Thanks for looking

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Thanks again @Steve for another great day
TBH - never had so much fun with my car on track.  after all the recent mods the car is stunning and so enjoyable to drive.  shame I broke the plastic gear shifter bush on my 2nd lap, so had to take it easy when changing gear and driving round track, but still had fun
oh and I can highly recommend the Yokohama Advan A052 tyres... they were stunning throughout the whole day
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9 minutes ago, padgo said:

Hi Steve, I don’t think so, I will have a trawl through the pics, did he go round in the morning or afternoon?


Afternoon, after the AA had sorted out his clutch pedal 

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Big thanks to you all for making me feel so welcomed at my first MSOC event. What an awesome selection of scoobies. You all seem like a great bunch of guys. Thank you so much @Steve @type-ra @Essbon for the awesome passenger runs in your fantastic motors. Big thanks to you @Steve and any others who organised it. 

 @Essbon - I’ve been in some pretty fast cars in my time including my next door neighbour’s 2017 GTR premium and 2017 Turbo S but your car is something very unique and the fastest car I’ve ever experienced. It would eat the aforementioned supercars for breakfast. Unbelievable stopping power and handling is the icing on the cake. 

Really look forward to the next event and strongly considering Rally Day 2018 as I’ve been there for the past 4 years running. Cheers. 

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Thanks for a great day. Nice to meet everyone. Lovely turn out of cars. I'd love a properly sorted high horsepower classic type RA now lol. The bugeye spec c type ra stood out for me. It was concours condition, the underneath was ridiculous!

Thanks to everyone who took a pic of my car going around track.


See you all at Rallyday!

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