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Classic car shows 2018


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Like last year just had another fantastic day out at North Notts Classic Car and Bike show in the grounds of Thoresby Hall. Around 600 + vehicles and glorious sunshine and only £4.50 to show your car including any passengers. I am also doing Classics at the castle (Bodelwyddan) Sun 29th July (making a weekend of it staying in Conwy) & Blenheim Palace festival of transport 26/27 August (staying overnight in Oxford) if anyone wants to come along you are more than welcome. There are loads of events on throughout the Midlands this year and I know @RB5Steve and @hughy attend some of them. It's a shame we can't get a few more of us together as every manufacturer and club seem to be there in force other than Subaru. There is no age limit for your car and all are welcome. Additional shows and ticket bookings can be found at www.classicshows.org/events for anyone who might be interested 👍

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Hi Ady just had a look at the Belvoir Castle classic car show  for next weekend,  we'll  probably  come and have a look around , would be nice to display but looked at the booking forms online and it's the same rules for all the shows they organise, including Thorsby and Clumber Park , to enter the car needs to be pre 2003 or fall into categories ie American , kitcar ,replica etc . They will allow newer cars as part of a club stand but only 1 in 4 can be newer than 2003 so unless mid scoobies are attending as a club looks like I'm a  spectator lol 

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Ehup kev. 

It does say that but I've never known them to police it to be honest with you. I've been arrending these shows now for 3 years and younger cars have always been allowed in regardless of if they're in a club or not.. Bring your D spec pal. I'm 99% sure you'll get in. Anyone else want to join us? 👍

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