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2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

Big Shrek

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hey guys..........try and get your head around this one


my daily drive is a 2006 focus with a 2.0 petrol engine, it has covered 99500 miles and I have owned it for 3 months. in my ownership I have covered around 500 miles. the car had a fresh oil and filter change the day I bought it and I remember checking the level on his driveway, I have checked it around 4-5 times since then and always been fine.


I was going to leeds in it on Saturday to watch europes strongest man so on Friday I checked all of the levels etc and to my horror I found the dip-stick was bone dry. it was checked on level ground after it had stood for around 6 hours. I shot down Halfords and bought a 1L bottle of Castrol 5w30 fully synthetic, I dumped the whole lot in and the dip stick still read nothing.

I started her up and let her run for 5-6 minutes and then re-checked.......still nothing.


I took it to my mate at a.t.s 1st thing Saturday morning to get it on the ramp, its bone dry underneath, oil filter is dry,sump is dry,dip-stick tube is still connected so we decided to put some more oil in and after we had added another 3/4 of a litre it was showing just under maximum. lesson learned.......check oil more often. off I went to leeds (220 miles round trip).


I decided to re-check it on sunday morning after it had stood for around 7 hours from the leeds return trip...............again nothing was showing.


I left it alone as I was getting wound up now so I went to work in the impreza today. I have just gone to check the focus again and its still bone dry, and I don't mean just dry I mean you could wipe the dip stick on a white shirt and it wouldn't leave a mark so I shot to Halfords again and bought a 5L tub of oil, I dumped 3 litres in it and still nothing was showing. now I fear I have over-filled it as when I rev it there is black oil spitting from the exhaust all over my nice white chippings on my driveway.


confused.com I am 



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Just now, theguvnor said:

Is there a blockage in the dipstick tube? is the dipstick long enough.

Wouldn't there be a lot of smoke or mess if it was losing so much oil?

Have you considered draining the oil to measure how much is in the sump?

the dipstick must be long enough as I have read it before and it was read on Saturday @ a.t.s when we added more oil in it.


I have ordered a new dip-stick from ford which I will collect tomorrow to compare it to the 1 I have now.


there is 0 smoke,no rattles/knocks/bangs it runs faultless. with it being a chain driven engine I would have thought that if I had run it dry then the chain would be rattling its knackers off.


its going back to a.t.s tomorrow for an oil change to see how much comes out and to put the correct amount back in (4.3L)

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20 hours ago, john said:

Any news.

small update

ordered a new dipstick from ford just incase some numpty has put the wrong one in- turns out they are identical so that was £11 quid wasted.

dropped the oil out today, just over 3 litres came out and it was jet black, considering it was changed 500 miles ago I was surprised at how bad it looked. 

pulled out the plugs (from left to right) and the 1st 2 were soaked in oil,the next 2 were a little oily,had no choice but to try and clean them up and re-use them for the time being.

new oil put in (4.3 litres) and a new filter and I can now see the oil on the dipstick.

will keep an eye on it for the next few weeks. 

still confused as to why black oil deposits were coming from the exhaust. there is no oil smell in the exhaust fumes.

I'm guessing its an internal problem maybe valve stem seals or piston rings but they usually leave a blue tint in the exhaust smoke which there is no sign of.

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So on our way to London we were driving along around 20 mph on the clogged motorway, I looked in my mirror and there was a fair bit of smoke, this was 100 miles into our journey.

I looked again a little later and there was none. I'm guessing either rings or stem oil seals, if it's the latter then I would probably get them done as it won't be mega expensive. If it's the rings I will just keep topping it up until it gets so bad that I have to scrap it.

Disappointed as the car is mint and only covered 99.5k

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