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2005 Forester STI


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Well then, after 7 years of ownership I think it's time for a change... to an SJ model.

So up for sale, Forester STI, MY2005 car, imported from new, I am the 3rd owner and have had the car for almost 7 years.

Full specialist service history in that time, although I have almost nothing from the previous owner covering the 37,000 approx it had done when I bought it.

The car has been used on track, but not for over 2 years since I got a track specific car. The car has been well driven and well looked after, receiving regular oil and filter changes in between services, especially during times of track use. Brake fluid has also been changed more frequently.

Car has covered ~89,000 miles now, the last ~52,000 of which have been in my ownership. Last MOT was 31/07/2017 with ~83,000 miles on the clock. Next MOT is due 31/07/2018. Being a pre 2006 car it also is band limited on the VED scale to band K, which was £305 for12 months last time (last year).

When Service Actual Mileage Where Notes
06-Feb-08 30000 31270
26-Jul-11 MOT 36089
29-Sep-11 Body 38038 Pentagon Subaru (Body service)
11-Jan-12 40000 40359 Scoobyworld Included Cambelt, gearbox and diff oils
26-Jul-12 MOT 43317
08-Mar-13 50000 50589 Scoobyworld minor service plus brake fluid.
20-Jul-13 MOT 54305
26-Jul-13 55000 54330 Scoobyworld minor service plus brake fluid.
23-Jan-14 60000 61076 Scoobyworld 60k service
22-Aug-14 65000 65211 Scoobyclinic 65k intermediate oil change at 65211
08-Jul-15 MOT 70156
11-Jul-15 70000 70195 Scoobyclinic 70k service, plus gearbox and diff oil
14-Jul-16 MOT 77093 new tyres fitted at time of MOT
05-Apr-17 80000 80812 Scoobyworld 80k major service,cambelt,and auxilliary belts
31-Jul-17 MOT 83028

The car has only ever had 2 faults, one of the exhaust sensors failed a few years ago, and earlier this year a coil pack failed.

I have an extensive excel spreadsheet of information on what the car has cost me in it's time in my ownership. Along with an inch thick folder of receipts etc. Allofwhich can be provided to the new owner.

The car is relatively standard, and has not had any engine or ECU modifications. Car is always run on super unleaded fuel. It has been on 2 rolling road days during my ownership, at Scoobyworld it showed 266BHP, 300ft.lb of torque which is exactly the manufacturer claim, and at Scoobyclinic it showed 275BHP, 285ft.lb.

Relatively new tyres, Yokohama Advan Sport V105S 225x45x18 95Y fitted at approx. 77,000 miles.

New battery with 5 year guarantee fitted in 2017 as well.

Car is fitted with a Category 1 insurance approved alarm and immobiliser along with an install/service certificate – I had it checked when I bought the car as had no certificate, to find that it had been installed wrong in the first place, but the man sorted it all out, which was good to know.

2 keys and 2 alarm fobs.

The car has seen service as family transport so has some general wear and tear, but generally scrubs up well. As for the specific points that I know need attention: The wheels could do with refurbishing again as at the last tyre change some paint came off (I had them done by The Wheel Specialist in Nottingham when I bought the car and they are hi power silver on the face fading out to black), and there are a couple of car park door dents here and there. There is also a dent and 2 scratches on the roof where the kids basketball net failed in high winds and fell on the roof. (I have been quoted £1000 for the repair, but I suspect with a bit of self effort to strip the roof liner and roof rails this price would drop significantly as 75% of the cost was labour. Wheel refurb of the same quality I had done would be about £400, and the dent man is normally inexpensive.

Car will be due an intermediate service shortly ~£300 usually at my local specialist, as although it is the 90k service the cambelt isn’t required as it was done out of sequence when I bought the car for peace of mind as there was no proof of it ever having been done. It was last changed at the 80,000 service in April 2017.

I am not trying to con anyone here, that’s not the way I am, and hence I have reflected these bad points in the price, but for the right offer could consider getting some of these looked at.  I'm sure that there are plenty on here that know me and know the car.

I am looking for £8,500ono

Summary of Modifications
• Standard factory fit Japanese stereo replaced with a double DIN Pioneer AVH-X3800DAB Digital Radio.
• The dash top glove box has been replaced with a genuine Subaru sat-nav pod (H0010SA950ML), into which I have mounted a PSI3 ECU data monitor unit to which is connected the oil temperature and pressure sensors. The standard clock is also relocated to sit in the pod.
• Front splitter from Scoobyworld, (carbon effect vinyl wrapped)
• A Hayward and Scott resonated stainless steel exhaust centre section coupled to an Impreza STI PPP back box.
• STI Pink lowering springs (Forester STI SG9 specific)(ST2033088020 X2 ST2038088020 X2)
• STI Aero splash set (Forester SG9 specific in 48W Crystal Grey Mica) (Japanparts.com part 190-003-002)
• Own design and Handmade aluminium intercooler splitter.
• Subaru Genuine Boot liner, and load cover (not factory fit – see later note).
• Whiteline KSB599 front suspension strut brace
• Front mini mudflaps and rear rally style muflaps
• The Scoobysport backbox has been removed and replaced by a Prodrive Impreza STI PPP back box.
• Genuine Subaru rear diffuser (From an Impreza RB320
• STI Branded alloy battery clamp
• Additional Scoobyclinic oil cooler fitted to control oil temperature during hard driving.
• Godspeed grooved front brake discs and EBC Bluestuff NDX brake pads Standard discs and pads on the rear.
• Custom made black interior mats with silver edging and silver STI logos, supplied by Scoobyworld.

Photos to follow, but there re plenty of them already about on here and on subaruforester.org :-)

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Yeah that's the one, think it will be tomorrow when pics go up, been having a few technical issues :-)

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PSI 3 in dash pod along with repainted centre console.



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