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Whiteline Adjustable 22mm Rear Sway Bar 2008+ WRX/STI


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Whiteline Adjustable 22mm Rear Sway Bar

This is Whiteline’s 22mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar for 2008+ Subaru WRX/STI, among other models. This is a 3-hole adjustable sway bar which allows trimming of oversteer/understeer through varying the sway bars ability to resist weight transfer via increasing or decreasing the effective arm length of the sway bars mounting position.
Depending on your driving style and feel, you can actually adjust one side at the “hardest” position, and set the other side at the “softest” position to achieve your desired effects. A bigger rear sway bar will give you more oversteer.

This has been on the car for less then 700 miles, so its in very good condition,

Looking for £100








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11 hours ago, Damo said:

Got the part number so I can check fitment on my car..?


Sorry Damo, but cant find the part number, I have a receipt some where but cant find it at the moment, I am sure that it fits all 2008+ to 2017 models, Hatch / Saloons, I am going to the meet on the 4th Feb if your interested, 





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5 hours ago, theguvnor said:

Thanks anyway, how come you decided to sell? did you not like it?


I have had the back end of my car altered so I can alter the camber / caster , which I couldn't before, so with what's been changed I was told I didn't need to have this fitted...:thumb::thumb:

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