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Photobucket (New Terms)


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Had a email today from Photobucket saying that it now doesn't host FREE image hosting to 3rd party sites, but if you subscribe £50 approx per year  you are ok.

So I have been looking around the web and found postimage which I got on with, I know Phil uses Flicker and others have other sites, but I will see if this works ok with me


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It wouldn't be so bad, if photobucket offered a stable and usable service. Their servers are obviously not up to the job and the site is full of malware, trojans and wasteful advertising. 


Its a shame as lots of good photos on this forum and others will probably be lost for ever now 


Thanks @padgo I'll look into that site 





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2 minutes ago, Ivan said:

Had the same email @padgo so looking to change as well , but will retrieve all pics and place on back up hard drive.

Good idea Ivan, I back all my photos up on a external drive, it's a shame after all these years photobucket are getting gready, but just recently it's got worse and very very slow. 

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29 minutes ago, padgo said:


How much Steve, they must know you have plenty of money 😜


Ive heard the same price of other people as well, so I would check again 

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I would imagine that the other picture file sites will follow eventually, so at some point it'll get competitive 


It appears that photobucket no longer get the revenue they used to from advertising. I guess advertisers are using different media such as you tube, Facebook etc to get a bigger bang for their buck, so I doubt it's solely down to photobucket. It's the way in which media is used that dictates where people go. A bit like the forum. At one point there were 9 or 10 sponsors and 3 or 4 advertisers and it's no longer anywhere near that. 


I guess the forum could increase its bandwidth to allow more direct picture attaching, but again this costs more money to the club. Pay by the size we need, but I guess folks would protest at the increase in subscription costs. 


Your damned if you do and all that @padgo



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9 minutes ago, padgo said:

I know what you are saying Steve, it's a shame, let's hope there will be some other free hosting sites popping up soon. 


As I say, I'm sure the other free sites will follow suite eventually, if the revenue from advertising isn't in proportion to the cost of running them. The free internet bubble is slowly but surely bursting as it grows exponentially and the demand for space increases. Nothing of any quality is free anymore :thumb: 

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