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New member in Stoke on Trent

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Hi all,


New to the site but had my Impreza for around 18 months, 2007 Hawk Eye Blue.

To give you some background, this is my 3rd car, I had 2x Ford KA's previously (learned to drive late so had them for cheap insurance for a few years until I could afford a Scooby).


I am an IT guy so have no real experience of cars but have a very good friend who is a mechanic and he has helped me out getting the car looked over and checking that it had no major issues, I will be looking to learn more about the car and how to look after it to ensure it stays in good condition and to perform some of the smaller jobs myself) and I would really like to upgrade the interior (seats, dash etc.)


As far as I know the car is fully stock but after looking through the original advert for it, we noticed it says its the pro-drive model but I have no idea how to check if thats the case.


thanks guys

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welcome aboard, any technical issues or queries just ask away.


In answer to your Prodrive question if its a pro drive model it will have a sports cat and a prodrive back box, there should also be a pro drive certificate in the service pack with your chassis number on it.


The PPP (pro drive performance pack) is a generic map for a little more grunt and the afore mentioned sports cat and back box although later cars like yours didn’t get a sports cat, they just ran with the standard one.


A conclusive way to find out is to get the car on our dyno for a power run, that should tell us if its standard or tweaked a little


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Welcome to msoc mate! Great club to be part of and there is plenty of knowledge here to help you get by and learn etc! ! Their is an anniversary event at curborough track on Sunday.....not t far....Get yourself along if you can and look out for the monthly msoc meet at the clock warehouse....straight down the a50 for you.:thumb:

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys, appreciate it


@The Gaffer

Thanks Kev and good to know about checking for the pro-drive I will have to take a closer look at it and let you know how I get on, would be interested to get it on the dyno for a check up.



Thanks mate, looking forward to learning what I can, completely novice at the moment but I have always enjoyed finding out what makes things tick and how to do some jobs myself.

Would be interested to come to one of the meet ups and getting to know people.


thanks guys!



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I was the same when I got my type r and have learnt a lot of this sight and been looked after by @The Gaffer at scoobyclinic and some other good places! 

Curborough event is on Sunday....literally for you down the a50 and up the a38! Get some pics up if you can as well! 

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