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Alcon 365 x 32 Big Brakes


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Just testing the water guy's, I may have a set of 365 x 32 Alcons Big Brakes for sale. I had them fitted to my saloon as the Pro-R up-grade a few years ago front and back. I put my car in for an early MOT last week as I'm off on a trip round Europe with M-SOC tomorrow so thought Id get it MOT and checked over before our trip. When it was having the MOT the guy noticed my bells where damaged on the front and the discs and pads where quite worn so all needed replacing straight away, this was not good news as I know they are not cheap and can take a while to get a set delivered. To cut a long story short I went and fetched a new K-sport big brake set up and replaced the Alcons the next day to enable me to go on the trip round Europe. When the Alcons where removed I sent pictures and an email to Alcon UK regarding the damaged Bells, they got back to me to day and as a gesture of good will have offered me a good deal on a NEW set of Discs/Bells assembled and a NEW set of the pads required for my Alcon 6 pot Callipers, so if I take Alcon UK up on there offer then would any one on here be interested in buying the new Alcon discs/bells/pads and my 6 pot Callipers for £1300. Below is an estimate from RCM which I got last week just for the discs/bells and pads which comes to £1803 inc vat,

If any one is interested then please pm me or give me a call on 07974 364384



Hello Hugh,

Good morning! Just following on from your call yesterday please find below the information on the Alcon front braking components. It would appear the most effective way of doing this would be to purchase the discs as complete assemblies (discs, bells and bolts built).

Left Disc assembly – RRP £646.09+VAT
Right Disc assembly - RRP £646.09+VAT
Ferodo DS Performance Pads – RRP £204.88+VAT

The disc assemblies are in stock so could be with you in just a few days. The pads however would be 3-4 weeks.

Please have a think and let me know if I can help further.

Best regards,

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