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Sportscars in the Park_ Newby Hall_7th May 2017


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Just recieved my annual reminder that this is on and generally me the mrs and kids have been going now for the last 5 years... Is anybody else up for this?


Here is an extract from the e-mail recevied:


Welcome to 2017

A warm welcome to 2017 for all our members! 

The SCITP team hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Time to launch our next meet which will be held at Newby Hall on Sunday 7th May 2017. We already have lots of interest from traders and club stands. 

Tickets are now available from our website by clicking the "Book your display ticket" button below. No price increase for 2017, so bag your ticket before they sell out! 

Because we deal with a large number of car clubs, we do not have a specific area for club parking. If you are a club stand, remember to select your club name from the drop down list when booking your ticket. We use this to reserve the right amount of space for your club in our parking plan.

Kind regards
Chris Crossley
SCITP Organiser

P.S. You cannot pay on the show field gate. You need to have a ticket for all the people in your car in advance. Click on the "Book your display ticket" button below to purchase your ticket.


Book your display ticket


Spread the news

As always, we encourage you to spread the news about "Sportscars in the Park" by placing details on your forums. Facebook contributed to the Newby Hall attendance thanks to members forwarding the event out to other car groups. Please feel free to pass this message on via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums and email.


It's a family friendly Sunday picnic atmosphere. If this isn't your thing or you object to our small list of rules then please don't attend. Please make sure everyone in your group is aware of the rules.

No BBQs, not even on a stone!

Camping stoves are permitted

No loud music

No over the top engine revving

Speed limit on grass 5mph, otherwise follow speed restriction signs 20mph inside venue only

No burn outs or 11's - It's not a dragstrip. It also makes us look very bad from the venue's point of view and there were complaints from some previous events. Anyone breaking this rule risks a ban from future events.

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Doesn't look a bad show @shepbomb May's events are looking a little bare at the moment 


Have/are you arranging the login details for the club ? It's a fair old drive fir some though, so maybe a stop over the night before 

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