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Went drifting at the weekend


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With one of the other car clubs I partake in, we went on a drift experience at the weekend at Flatout Factory at Birmingham Wheels raceway.

Fantastic, if you've never tried give it a go.

To be honest we paid £50 each (~12 of us) for the "drift experience" and at that price I wasn't expecting much....arrival at the place didn't lift expectation much either. Its a large complex at "Wheels" that has a whole range of motor related activities, and OK, it is a bit industrial and a bit used looking (and it was a cold grey damp saturday in January), but everything worked, worked well even, the team were friendly and the instructors were brilliant. And in reality it is an ideal venue being in an industrial estate as there are no noise problems with adjacent units, scrapyards and a railway line all relatively nearby.

Totally blown away by them, fantastic.

I guess you get about 15-20mins driving time over the morning, but it feels like more, and the non driving gaps are full of banter so seem to pass equally quickly.

You do 3 exercises, start with donuts, then figure of 8, then a half circle drift trying to takeout a cone half way around. The last bit being run as a competition with points scored for various results/techniques......I wasn't last :-)

They use pretty standard mx-5's with just coil overs fitted and a welded rear diff being the only mods., the venue almost seems like small car park, but again it is plenty big enough for the exercises that you do.

I liked it so much that I've already paid a deposit to go and do the half day training when you get more like +90 minutes in the car and is generally done with a group of around 6 people.

Can't wait :-)

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OK then, let's see if this works:


This is my friend Justine, who was a natural BTW


My one effort that got the conein the last exercise, I had failed about 9 times before this :) 


The, the instructor shows you how it's done, in Justine's MX :D




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