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Been a while :-)


I will be totally upfront and honest for the reasons I have not been around. After a call with Kev at the clinic I realised just how long it has been since I had logged on or showed up to an event.


1)    Getting Married next year so all focus has been on that

2)    Change of jobs – For the better so over the moon with that.

3)    A few unexpected deaths in the family – Hit home hard

4)    Sick to death of idiots and lynch mobs


So, with all that I had shelved my car and turned my back on it. I had washed it put it on charge and left in the garage. I have almost parted with it on several occasions due to being fed up of people talking rubbish and winding me up. It has baffled me for a long time that people can make remarks giving little or no thought of the aftermath. Yes, the nail in to coffin for me was the pot hole incident. Its been talked about to death and I wont open the topic again. The only remark I will make about it is this- (Unless you have been there & had work carried out you have NO right what so ever to comment) I have always been looked after and will continue to support SCR.   


To be perfectly honest Subaru ownership just doesn’t feel like a community anymore. Ask a question get slayed alive by morons who think they know it all, poor advice being given out by people to steal hard earnt money for people who trust a so-called specialist.


With that off my chest I decided to log in and say hi, get off my high horse stick my fingers up at the idiots and just be Racecar!


So I will do an update on my project thread as I have been doing certain things with car despite it being off the road until a much later date. Thankful as this is no longer my daily driver and it’s not on the road I can do more with it myself and take my time with it.


I have also promised Kev that I will show my face at the clinic before Christmas so I will be doing my best to make sure I can get away from a few family commitments etc.

Might see some of you their soon.




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Hi Ash,


well said that man, I completely know where you are coming from and there is many a day for the reasons you mention, I want to quit, yet I care so much it stops me, but its been close, very close.


I have seen many people, customers and friends alike sell their scoob due to bulls**t and bolox on certain forums, scoobynet and SIOC seem to be the market leaders in this, bad advice, posters jumping on the bandwagon and making assumptions, and we all know that old saying, "assumption is the mother of all f**k ups".


So many owners being put off coming to us on these forums, pot hole gate, rumours, pure out and out lies and yet people believe it and end up at other garages who promise the earth then don’t  deliver, customer spent up and has a dysfunctional car, finally ends up here, demoralised, then we have to pick up the pieces, some of the work we have seen carried out by these other garages is unbelievable and a reason this trade needs legislating.


Ash, welcome back, you have just made my day



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Hi @Ash . Glad you have come back on the forum. Your contribution has been missed. Be great to catch up at SCR or at a meet/event 


Congratulations on getting married, although I'm sure I've said this to you elsewhere anyway and sorry to hear about deaths in the family. Not a good place to be and I've had my share over the last few years. 


The lynch mobs and knockers effect everyone that uses or has used SCR. I think what the herd doesn't realise, is that it's also a dig at people who are happy with the service received at SCR and any of our other sponsors. It makes the blood boil at times even though you/we have great cars to show for it. People seem to like a good drama and rarely have the common sense to think things through for themselves. It's a sign of everyone having a social media opinion, but with very little facts and they tend to be a bit one sided. I've learnt to ignore the tittle tattle and nonsense and no longer get involved. You can't argue with an idiot. 







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Cheers Steve I will be at SCR on Saturday if you are about. Unless the weather turns!


The deaths have been s**t as all deaths are mate life goes on and we rebuild.  


@The Gaffer Glad I have made your day Kev and thanks for the welcome back. As sad as it with social media these days and forums are going down hill due to lack of support. Facebook has stepped in and taken over allowing people to start a media frenzy that spiral massively out of control and ends up with Chinese whispers, everyone adds their bit and the original issue is so diluted nobody even knows what they are talking about.  


Life goes on and I shall try to keep out of it and carry on in my own little world. I do feel for you Kev I can get fed up and walk away sadly for you its your livelihood and the repercussions for those who work for you and you look after would also be affected. People who have bills to pay! This is what gets me the most about idiots who comment without thought to what their remarks will do. 


I tip my hat to you sir not an easy task having to constantly fire fight    

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so true, last week we had an issue with a so called specialist who just hates us over rumours he has heard, that and down right 100% lies, he decided to  join a new social media page called "drive tribe" as us, signed up all names associated with SCR and scoobyclinic, preparing himself to post as us and cause problems, make us look stupid etc etc.


We got wind of this and contacted "drive tribe", expecting no help, however, pleasantly surprised they gave us our log ins and completely deleted the so called specialist.


SCR 1/ ****m 0


The job is hard enough as it is never mind having sh1t like this to sort.


Thanks for all your support and you know if you need any help we will do our best for all



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The lengths that people will go to is beyond me some times, Its unreal! It is a real shame that there is not governing body that protects business against slander etc. Unfortunately this is the world we live in. Bring back the days you could go round to someone's house and break their legs and sort it out and send a message at the same time.


Fair play to ''Drive Tribe'' makes a change for an administrator to be on the ball.




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