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Classic Being Stripped MY00


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Hi all after much debate (including tears) the decision has been made to strip the classic (again and for good) :no this doesn't mean the end of the road for me and classics but it is time to move on..........


It is a 95h turbo 2000 MY00 which the shell is in good condition although the rear arches have started to go. Below is a list of parts some already off, I'm open to sensible offers on all items but don't plan to give the stuff away as I have a project in mind and need to fund some of the budget.


STi 7 17" alloys x4 with tyres (non branded) painted black but would ideally need a referb     - £150

Toyo Sports Front Mount with white power coated pipes     - £100

Simtec ECU with Launch and Anti Lag mapped at 330     - £550

K-Sport 8 pot 320mm Front Calipers & Disc's (hence the STI & rims) disc's need a clean up due to being stood, covered less than 1000 road miles     - £550

2003 STI 6 Speed Gear Box (80k) non DCCD, Diff, Shafts (all 4) Cradles, Gear Selector (I also have the rear hubs but see Brembo calipers)     - £1800

Rear Brembo Calipers & Disc's on STI 7 Hubs would benefit from a clean up and pads     - £350

98/00 White Powder Coated Inlet Manifold     - £75

Classic Facelift Flocked Dash (bare)     - £120

Classic Facelift STi Clocks (center rev counter)     - £50

BC Street Coilovers (less than 1000 road miles)     - £350

Scooby Clinic MAF-less Inlet Pipe (blue)     - £50

STi Speed Lightened Flywheel     - £100

Turbo 2000 5 Speed Box, Diff, Shafts, Cradles in good condition    - £200

Classic STi rear lamps (one has a slight crack on the corner but not broken off)     - £175

98/00 Inlet Manifold     - £35

Toyo Sports Decat Down Pipe, & non Res Center Box     - £100

Tegiwa Brake Stopper (blue)     - £30

Small Carbon Fiber Bonnet Scoops     - £40 (pair)


There are loads more little bits like short shifter, turbo timer, silicon hoses and sensors etc but will update as I start stripping


i do have an engine which has a knocking bottom end if anyone wants one for a rebuild



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