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Cars over the past 4 years


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Just looking at some old photos of the cars I've had over the past  4 years,  X 3 RS's and X 3 Subaru's, and I've loved ever one of the for different reasons, so thought I'd put a few pics of  them on here and hopefully people will follow suit.....:D:D, Not one of these cars looked like they do on these pictures when I bought them, a lot of time and money went into each and every one of them...Lol. I now have the Black STI Saloon which some of you will have seen, and IMHO its the best of the bunch (for now...Lol)


The 3 RS's where all standard when I bought them, with in a few weeks of owning them they all had the Collins Performance CP400 pack on them, and believe it or not they handled 400bhp at the front wheels very very well


The White WRX' S was again standard when I bought it, I had the quad exhaust fitted / new interior and a re-map,


The two Saloon STI's have had the most time and money spent on them but IMO they have been worth that little extra.....:D:D








latest 055.JPG

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Some nice there Hugh @hughy


I have bern thinking about a "post your old car thread", so maybe this can be used. I listed a similar thread in FB a couple of weeks ago of mine :thumb: I'll add them on thus one 

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Cars I've had over the last 4 years


Silver golf GTI mk4 180bhp

Silver WRX wagon 260bhp

Golf GTI mk4 Anni 180bhp

Audi TT 260bhp

Ford Focus ST 225bhp

WRX STI 406bhp (current scooby)


plus ive had 2 run abouts aswell


S reg green punto 1.2

X reg polo 1.0 


i miss my focus ST the most that 5 pot sounded sweet with a mongoose 

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Here goes! Don't laugh ?


Vauxhall Astra mk2 in green!! 


Vw golf gti 8v small bumper (white)


vw golf gti 16v big bumper (red)


vw golf gti 16v big bumper (oak green) 


Subaru Impreza turbo 2000 (silver) 

T reg 1999


Subaru Impreza Sti type uk (silver)



subaru Wrx wagon (red) 



Currently have 


subaru Wrx Sti hawk (silver)



Seat Leon fr 170 tdi


And my favourite is

my renault traffic 115 bhp she's a beast!!! ?




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escort 1.3 mk5 yellow ?

mk2 xr2 got written off some guy pulled out on me just after I had the engine built

escort xr3i mk4 red

escort xr3i grey with 2.0 zetec

98 spec white escort rs turbo

Ibiza cupra 16v 2.0 abf NA

mk2 big bumper golf gti 16v red

Impreza classic t2000 dark mica blue

evo 5 gsr silver

classic t2000 PPP silver

currently on blue 04 wrx :) I have got through some cars over the years lol.

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