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FOR SALE...... £1000
Now I have purchased a new track car I am now selling my old one.
Its been VERY reliable in the 3 years I`ve owned it.

Obviously its a track car so NO MOT.....but willing to take it for a test if needed.
- Clio 172 Sport
- Service History up to 91k mainly Renault Dealer
- Mileage is now 114k
- Previous owner (mechanic) did cam belt and dephaser, + service but got no written proof
- Standard Engine
- Full De-cat Exhaust
- 40mm Apex Lowering Springs Fitted 2014
- Brembo Max Front Disc`s Fitted 2015
- Ferodo DS3000 Fronts Pads Fitted 2015
- Mintx Rear Disc`s Fitted 2015
- Mintex Rear Pads Fitted 2015
- HEL Braided Brake Lines All Round Fitted 2015
- 4 x Toyo R1R Tyres 195/50/15 Fitted 2015
- OMP Steering Wheel Boss Fitted 2016
- Sparco 330mm Steering Wheel Fitted 2016
- Fully Stripped Rear
- TRS Tow Eye Strap fitted 2016
Bought the car in October 2013 MOT`d and Taxed
2014 - MOT`d and Taxed did 2 track days plus used as daily drive
2015 - MOT`d and Taxed did 4 track days plus daily drive
2016 - No MOT or Tax up to yet done 5 track days
Asking price is 








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