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Silverstone Touring Cars Tickets


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Hi all,

I have 12 tickets for sale for the weekend at Silverstone touring cars as my Dad is a scruitineer.

These retail at £45 on the gate, I'll take £20 each for them.

These will be collection only from Hinckley or I can meet nearby if needs be.



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Thanks Fez!


apologies it's really late notice for people, he never finds out what he can get until late in the day.


running lovely thanks. A year old next month, just ticked over 6.5k :)



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Thanks for the offer to the club Rob @WRXRob. Would have like to have, but we're already out next weekend. Shame that


i wonder if it would be worth starting a fresh thread with the BTCC dates on, so then at least people are aware of the dates and the potential of cheaper tickets if your dad is scutineering. Then update before each event. At least then the dates would be in people's minds and the potential to get tickets. Not perfect, but it would help plan


a very generous offer and much appreciated 



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It's for the whole weekend @salsa-king


I appreciate the feedback Steve. I can do that by all means. He generally only does the midland area locations and it's always quite short notice as to what he can get his hands on (varies from 3-12 tickets).


Based on the feedback from a member on FB I'd now rather people make offers as to what they are willing to pay as I understand where the member was coming from as I receive them free...


My only issue with offering them for free is I've seen it before, the next minute the person I've given them to then sell them themselves and the idea is I want to make it a cheaper day out for people with a genuine interest and of course gives me and my old man some pocket money (we split 50-50 whatever I make)


Hopefully that waffle makes sense. Happy to do a "family ticket price" as such so please make me an offer.



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I'd of gone, but the following weekend is Rally Day at Castle Comb and TRAX on the Sunday so we've got busy weekends coming up... plus I've been informed we're out for Jo's dad's birthday Saturday night too :rolleyes5:


another time though Rob.


ps: if you did them free.. that's when ppl back out last minute after saying they'll have them isn't it.

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