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Home made trackers - beware!


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Just now, salsa-king said:

what does it do?


I've already got a MetaSat tracker


Fairly obvious Phil @salsa-king The crook places it one your car when no one is looking. You leave where ever you are and the crook tracks it to your house. While you are asleep he comes round and steels it. Simple really :thumb: 

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1 minute ago, salsa-king said:

I've just moved Jo's and the Truck in front of the garage door now


I thought Jo's was the Fozzy, or have you changed your mind 

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They are relying on the fact that most people's pride and joy sits on its own and only gets a run out on a full moon so easy to nick from its cosy lock up. 

The device is basically a mobile phone with a SIM card so the mini guys are saying take it to a popular location (e.g. supermarket) and remove the SIM card put it in your phone and run up a huge bill on high tarif calls. Then leave it in a bush at the location. 

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Well the police have taken it seriously putting a back track on it through the mobile phone network and internet. These are the devices that have been used by a gangs who were stealing prestige cars. Basically put it on the car in the street/airport/ even care repair garage. Track it to where it is left locked up most of its life. Then use a gps jammer to knock out the cars own tracker and knick the car.

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