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Subaru Impreza WRX 2001 (Bugeye)


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Hi All,


I am putting up for sale my 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX......I recently purchased this car from jason (Scooby 17) on here.


The reason for the sale is due to having an eye on something a bit more unique and higher spec.....I've got the bug already! 


It's a fab car and runs brilliantly! No doubt most of the people on here will know the car as Jason had it for a while! There are no running issues at all and it's a good powerful car! There are a few minor bad points but these are minimal and don't affect the cars performance in anyway.


I've put the link to the eBay add on this post which outlines the spec and the minor bad points of the car. My apologies for the length of the advert but I like people to know the facts before buying a car! 


I am open to sensible offers for the car and please don't hesitate to pm me or contact me on 07761708685 for any further information. The car is up for sale on eBay at £3850....again I'm open to offers.


Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122034732653


I will post some pics on this thread a little later along with the spec etc.


Many thanks


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Here are some a pics of the car below and the main bits from the eBay add....There are also other photos on the eBay add as well. Forgot to mention the car is on swadlincote....Thanks steve ! :thumb:










Impreza WRX 2001 Bugeye



I have for sale my 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX 2001 Bugeye which is in excellent condition and has been well maintained throughout it's life. I have only had the car for just under a month and the reason I am selling it is due to already having my eye on something more powerful and unique. I am in no desperate rush to sell and won't be persuaded into stupid offers! This isn't an abused example and the car can be vouched for by a respected moderator on Midland Subaru owners club who owned it for 2 years.


The car spent it's last two years in the midland subaru owners club and this can be proved by the previous owner and other club members. I have extensive receipts to prove the maintenance of the car and I am welcome for any inspection. The car is HPI cleared and owned by myself, I have the recent sale receipt from the previous owner.


The car has just had a fresh 12 months MOT and had minor advisories which I am more than happy to show the next owner and it has recently been serviced. I have only done about 80 odd miles since purchasing the car. There are no mechanical issues, gear crunches, smoke, juddering, clutch issues or anything else. The mileage is just over 144,000, don't be put off as I was at first, this engine has been maintained and ask any performance car owner, its about maintenance, not just a low miles car. 


The car looks great for its age with stunning paintwork, it isn't perfect but believe me when I say there are only a few minor blemishes and that's it. The last owner put endless hours of cleaning and correction into the car and when you see it you will believe it. The interior is fresh & clean no rips, tears, cigarette burns etc, I am a non-smoker and I have kept the car clean and maintained since I bought it.


I am an honest seller and will list everything I know about the car good and bad and as stated I welcome any checks & inspections.




VF35 Turbo (No smoke, pulls well and hard.)

Induction Kit

Dump Valve

Uprated Clutch

Mapped by Pole Position (Specialist Subaru Garage)

2 Maps which are Switchable (280bhp & 340bhp, smooth & safe.)

Anti Lag Switch & Launch Control

440cc Injectors

Pedders Suspension & Springs (New this year from Scoobyclinic)

18" Gold Prodrive Alloy wheels in excellent condition

Both Rear Arches Rolled

Drivers Side Arch had rust replaced by Scoobyclinic (Perfect Job)

Version 8 Rear Bumper & Lights

Toyo Exhaust System (Decatted)

Front end repainted to remove stone chips & refresh the paint.

Boot lid repainted to debadge & to refresh the paint.

Sigma Alarm & Immobiliser

Braided Brake Lines

2 Keys & 2 Fobs

Alpine CD Player (Being Honest its pretty bog standard)

Mapped to Run on Shell V Power only & always does!


Bad Bits, all cars have them and I am being honest,


Tiny bit of rust on N/S arch (no bigger than a 10p coin)

Small hole in the carpet near the foot rest point

Air Con doesn't work.

Few minor blemishes on the paintwork.

Minor Front Tyre Wear (MOT Advisory)

Drivers Seat belt stitching slightly frayed (MOT Advisory)

Windscreen chipped (Very Minor & MOT Advisory)

Front Subframe Minor Corrosion (MOT Advisory)

Anti Roll Bar Minor Corrosion (MOT Advisory)

Minor Corrosion to Sills, rear chassis&subframe(MOT Advisory)

Slight knocking from ARB bushes at low speed.







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