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Oh dear, Oh dear


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clueless performance more like...................


Love the take on our rally car pic, ours was real, theirs is photoshopped so badly you can even see the workshop through the cars windows and not the aircraft.


Dear oh dear.

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I think we just need to get on with our own stuff in the club and stop bothering with nonsense from Facebook. All it does is drive unwanted traffic to the site 


anyone that joins and supports the club will soon see reviews from our tuning sponsors SCR, Area52 and make their own minds up from that :thumb: 


promote the Good and ignore the crap 

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I think you end up fighting this losing battle though. I still say the best way is to work by example. 


People  mainly fall fowl of rogue traders due to the "cheap" prices that are advertised/charged. That mind set rarely changes until they get bit and even then they don't always learn. Sometimes it's better to learn the hard way and let them get on with it. 


I've lost interest in Rotherham Scoobies, other dodgy tuners and the face ache f**kwits. Time to move on. I've got more important things to do than battle with the nonsense on Facebook and other forums. What goes around, comes around in the end :thumb: 

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