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New Supplier Discount Codes Feedback


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With the addition of the discount codes section in the club supporters lounge, I thought it would be a good idea to share feedback to each other when they are used such as price, delivery, service etc


i have used Wiperblades.co.uk and found them to be very good with the goods as described and the delivery very quick and well packaged 


I know @salsa-king has used them as well 


and @hughy has used one of the bulb suppliers for his European emergency bulb kit for the forthcoming Stelvio trip in June


so share your experiences :thumb: 

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Just ordered engine oil for the STi and the Wife's Golf form Opie oil and saved £6.41 .......:D great price as the 5lt comes with a 1lt top up free on both....:D


Order Details:

Product Quantity Sub Total:

Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 10W-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil -5 Litres (Plus a FREE 1 Litre)
SKU: 00141953
Safety Data Sheet: http://cdn.opieoils.co.uk/msds/fuchs/TITAN RACE PRO S 10W-50_sds.pdf
1 £43.29

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - Recommended by Ferrari -5 Litres (Plus a FREE 1 Litre and Pouch)
SKU: 00133025
Safety Data Sheet: http://cdn.opieoils.co.uk/msds/shell/GSAP_msds_00473525.PDF
1 £20.79


Before Discount: £64.08
Your Discount: £6.41
Goods Net: £57.67
Carriage Net: £0.00
Sub Total: £57.67
VAT: £11.53
Total: £69.20
Edited by hughy
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39 minutes ago, salsa-king said:

I have to say the Bosch wiper blades on Jo's car are so quite :) really pleased


I have to say wiperblades.co.uk have looked after us with a great discount on top of already good prices :thumb: 

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I've used the Stan Palmer deal a couple of times 


save around £80 on my OE splitter for my Spec C and a smaller but good discount on some OE locking wheels nuts


price, delivery and communication was first class :thumb: 

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