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So after a little bit of squirrelling money away from the house renovation, I've now taken the plunge and agreed a purchase/sale on an MX-5 track car :)

It's a Mark 2 in black (probably) and should be getting built over the next month or so ready for me to collect.

It's a 1.8l, but it's a bit of a parts bin special, being likely to be built from a "Jasper Conran" special edition, but with all the special edition bits removed and replaced with standard ones, which is fine by me.  The parts removal means it should get an LSD and bigger brakes in return, which are far more useful for a track car than special edition carpets, seats handbrake trim and other totally (non) performance enhancing cosmetic additions :)


Anyhow not quite sure exactly when it will be ready yet, so keep your eyes open, once it's done it will get dragged along to a meet, and hopefully plenty of track days once I've done a few roadmiles in it to make sure it's all working ok before the abuse starts, and I don't just mean the hairdresser jokes either you lot :D




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it's PHSPORTSCARS, which are unit or two over from Luke at LE Scoobies.


Went to visit them on Saturday, and the 2 guys I spoke to seem like a couple of good blokes who seem to know their stuff, gave me loads of advice about what would be most robust for a track solution.


Photo's, not sure, they didn't think that they would get to starting it for about 2 weeks, so probably not for a little while.

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As it's still a few weeks before I get it I'm trying not to get too excited yet :)


I'm also sure there will be loads to start tweaking almost straight away, like chassis stiffening, suspension upgrades etc etc


First thing though will be tyres, not sure how well AD08's or similar will suit it or whether a more standard road tyre will be better...... or a high performance road tyre..... some research to be done I think.



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How do mate, it might be worth investigating what the MX5 race cars specs are.


Also Javlin Trackdays have a few MX5's they hire out, Colin may be able to help with a few spec suggestions .


At least you've had the good sense not to buy a scoob ! ....it can / has got expensive  ! 

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