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Just a little rant but today I have witnessed a third person buried because of cancer, previously it was two close friend's, and today a aunt I was very close to... Surely in thisbdayband age with the knowledge/technology available this must be avoidable

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not great is it and sorry to hear that Shep

My brother is currently fighting Mantel Cell Lymphoma a rare form of non Hodgkin Lymphoma. At 52 it's not your best

My mother died 18 months ago after suffering from inoperable bowel cancer


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Damn... It seems to be the only thing that gets you in this day and age Steve, concerning thing is... The friends that died it was put down to working in the nuclear industry, and my aunt due to been a smoker... Considering I have done both mean I am doomed!

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i lost my dad to prostate cancer have friend with it and have all so had to hear of so many people with it and sadly not make it lifes cruel but we lucky so i wake up every day and be greatfull to see it .

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