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Greetings All

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Hi All,

I'm Kris from Nottingham, brought my first scooby around this time last year and have had about 7-8 of them since. I just recently sold my r34 skyline GTR rep and missed my scooby that much i had to buy another back (in fact this is the second scooby i've owned since buying the R34 lol). The amazing team at Area 52 first introduced me to this forum but have dragged my feet a little with the whole signing up process etc.

So here i am, better late then never. I'm a lover of most jap cars but love my scoobies the most.

The picture i will upload shortly is of my JDM WRX that i brought and customised back in august, which unfortunately my flat mate now owns :( ,but its the one i like the most. I currently own a silver blob that i got cheap from up north. The specs are nothing to shout about but here it goes,

sti front end/spoiler/exhaust,

blitz dump valve

17" subaru multispoke wheels

thats it..... lol

Nice to meet you all and thanks for excepting me.



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Welcome to M-SOC Kris

Great the guys at Area 52 have looked after you :thumb: Great to hear from one of our sponsors and great that you have decided to join us :)

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your Impreza :thumb:



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Welcome aboard Kris - you've certainly had a few scoobs in a short period of time and I thought I was bad for it!! lol

Glad to hear you've been looked after extremely well by our great sponsors, Area 52 ;)

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I also have a small photography business so if anyone wants a few photos taking of their cars or some filming doing at one of the meets then let me know. All of the love of imprezas right lol

Always good to have pictures of meets and events. All for the love of the club :thumb:

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