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Well in the strong winds last week, the wind failed the Perspex back board on the kids basket ball net.

That in itself, I'm not too bothered about, it's the location of the landing site that is most upsetting :-(

The roof of the FSTI.....


a dent above the drivers door pillar, a scratch on the roof rail, plus a load of scratches across the roof :(

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TBH, the scratches on the roof are also accompanied by dents but look like they haven't got through the clear coat. The backedge of the roof rail is a different matter altogether though, a long continuous line of paint chips, way beyond a bit of polish :-(

And well, the dent by the rail speaks for itself, that is very unlikely to polish out :-)

Ah well, at least I still have my sense of humour....

As for repair, it doesn't appear to have broken through to metal anywhere, but I imagine it will get booked in to be looked at sometime, probably with the next service if not before.

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