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Autosport 14th - 17th January 2016


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Is anyone taking a trip to Autosport in January at The NEC ?

Ive been for the last few years and its usually a very good day out

Not arranging it as a club event as such, but i will be there on the Saturday and Sunday. You will have to book your tickets directly through the website link below or pay on the day for aa few more ££'s

I'm lucky enough to have my Spec C on a stand, so it would be great to see a few members over the weekend

Link to the web page is here


Usually some very good cars to see and a host of trade stands along with the live arena

I think its a great way to start the new year with a superb event


1. Steve - Sat & Sun

2. Essbon




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I can meet up with anyone who is going on either Saturday or Sunday . As yet I'm unsure where the stand I'll be on will be, but hopefully there will be a few surprises on it :thumb:

If anyone fancies stopping over I can let you know which hotel I'll be stopping at. Plenty of parking for guests :thumb:

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Jo and I are, not sure if we'll do sat or sunday yet though

Brilliant. The stand is confirmed that I will be on with a fair few rare Imprezas and Rally cars on display. As soon as I know the stand position I'll let you know where we are :)

Anyone else ?

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ohhh check u out lol what part u going sounds lovely

We won't be as we are in the Isle of Wight that weekend in a hot tub x

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Looks like we'll be there Sunday.

have you seen how much you save buying advance tickets?

£1 each!!!

as they charge £2 each ticket for a booking fee (which you are booking on line!)

May as well buy them when you get there then !

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it buetifull love the whole isle bwen 12yea?s on a trot and deffo going again this year colwell bay is so colorfull its got lovely beaches and all the diffrent sands in the cliffs amazing ENJOY

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