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Hawkeye seats - front and rear


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I have a set of Hawkeye WRX seats for sale as I've since replaced them with seats from a bugeye (which I personally prefer). They are in near perfect condition, with no wear or tears.

These are a straight swap for any newage saloon and fitting is straight forward. They don't have airbags so you might need to apply the resistor fix to trick the airbag system if yours expects airbags in the seats. Seatbelt stalks will be included but neither include a seatbelt sensor plug but these easily sourced from a breaker or ebay if needed.

Unfortunately I have no convenient means of delivery so asking £100 for the lot collected from Alfreton (front and rear seats included).




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Hi, unfortunately I'm having to raise this thread from the grave because these seats are still stuck in my garage after 12+ months of trying to flog them through various media with no success. It seems I can't get rid of them for love nor money - I couldn't even persuade the wife to let me install the fronts in her Forester as she wants to keep the Forester's heated seats. Anyway, the upshot is that I need these gone ASAP as we need to reclaim the space in the garage; so it's now come to the point where they are being given away (free on collection from Tibshelf, Derbyshire) to anyone who can make use of them, otherwise they will be taken to the local recycling center. I appreciate it's a massive waste to just dispose of them like this but after being unable to move them on for 12+ months I am going to have to bite the bullet and get rid of them one way or another (which is why I'd prefer it if someone could put them to use).


They will be around for the next couple of weeks so if anyone happens to be interested just drop me a PM.


Cheers, Jonny.

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