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Where`s it gone??


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Yep Paul

Not so much removed as deleted due to lack of interest a few people showed interest but when it actually came to commitment there wasn't any and unfortunately we cannot book show stands on interest.

To add its a shame we cannot drum up interest in this type of event however as this is a sign of club support and what or rather what we don't want to do then moving forward they won't be on the calendar.

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I didn't think last years show was that great to be honest. Just lack of things to look at and do once you are there

There wasn't really many Subaru clubs there apart from SIOC, but I strongly believe there are better events to attend these days that have more effort put into them

Any ideas for more motorsport related shows are welcome, especially as our older cars are entering classic status

I like the stop over events for a get together over some food and a beer as well

It's a shame that shows such as Goodwood and chumley insist you have to stay over for three days in order to get a stand, but there are decent shows out there apart from the jap scene custom and modified shows

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Totally agree on the part of lack of interest from our club members, as some of the shows do get a bit repetitive.

Always thought Santa Pod was a decent place to go tbh......Theres always something going on

The Drag strip


Drift Cars

Stunt Cars

Don`t think you can go wrong with that tbh.

Things start off with all good intentions but soon get a lack of interest. I mean at one point there was a good few members that decided to start going on track days........around a 4 or 5 a year but now were are lucky if we do 2.

Rallyday is going to be a epic weekend as Steve has said and yes it would be good to do more weekends away.

Lets hope we can get the support.

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Next weekend will be awesome. Let's hope the weather is kind to us, but either way The demonstration of different era cars and then the WRC cars after lunch are certainly worth watching whatever the weather :thumb:

To be fair, the pis is the better place for the jap shows but I still reckon Trax beats it hands down

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There is a JAE show on at Newark showground this weeekend.

Didn't even know it was happening.

Was playing a little it with 3 Honda type R's yesterday on the A46 yesterday on my way back from the QMC. Got a wave and a big thumbs up as a lovely convertible drove past me.

was talking to a bloke this afternoon when he told me there was a Japanese thing on at the showground and there were plenty of people camping out.

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I think when you look at shows these days, take the word Japan out of the search and you'll see there are some great events around

Silverstone classic next year anyone ?

Showing your age now steve lol, When you trading type r in for legacy for the golf clubs lol

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