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Hi guys x


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Hi guys, I went to an event on Saturday 29th August with sioc and joined them on there sioc-fest. We went thinking yeah this would be good to get to meet new friends and see different cars and also spend a night camping and socialising. To our disappointment it was nothing like we thought. It was very clicky and we spent all weekend entertaining ourselves as noone would talk to us.

We walked round and looked at thier cars, asked them questions and all we got was "well can't you see what's been done". Bear in mind this was our very first event with sioc and we was ready to come home Saturday evening.

Really all I want to say is well done to steve for looking after all of us as members and not leaving any of us out. Msoc are not clicky and we find this group very friendly and welcoming. I think, and I think all of msoc members will agree with me that steve looks after us all well whether it is just a meet or a full on event.

I also think that all steves hard work that is put into meets and events is appreciated by us all.

So thank you so much steve for everything you have done for us all and also a big thanks to the other admins who help make these meets and events the best they can for us.

Thanks guys x

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Thanks for the feedback Lucy. Worth noting that there is a lot going behnd the scenes that members dont see, Marv, Andy and the membership contribute towards making the club what it is, not just me ! :) Its a jopint effort between all of us

The club is lucky to have some old standing members as well as new members. The cars are great that are in the club, tastefully modified and well looked after examples, which I believe differentiates us from some of the Facebook groups that are out there. I strongly believe that it is important to have a proper home that we own I,e. The forum. You do not own and FB group.

I do think its disappointing that the Japanese show scene appears to have changed for the worst over the last couple of years and hence why the club as concentrated on other ideas this year to freshen things up, such as Rally Day, Our on Annual Anniversary event, Asda Charity track day etc. There are plenty of other events of similar status that we can look at attending that offer more than just a car park full of shiny cars !

Was of the most important areas for me is the social side. A night in a hotel before or after event gets everyone together and there is more time for a chat over a beer than at the actual event, where folks wander off to look at the show. I enjoy the stop overs immensely and am looking forward to the night before Rally day. A beer, food and a laugh and social with the members. The more that get involved the better

Also lucky to have some great sponsors on board offering great advice and it always makes me smile that the FB tuners stay away from here :)

Hopefully 2016 will be as good as this year :thumb:

Would welcome other members feedback and comments :)


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