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went and bought a DJI Phantom 3


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I never thought I would after borrowing my boss's old model that came out 4 years ago I think

and the camera was never up to much with taking picture and video, so when the camera stopped sending

a first person view signal to the phone so I could see what the camera see's, production on parts had ended

and was not worth buying a new camera if there were any to buy and finding out its not repairable.

so I got my boss to buy another, this years model and cant believe how much they improve both camera and software

went I looked at it, so I thought i'm going to buy one and manage to get my boss to put it through the company so I

don't pay the vat on it. I got it before the curb meet but not knowing how it handles (though its easy), not sure what all the app software does plus not having no video skills either

thought I would show my first proper video edit, our company own farm land and our contractor was there so had ago



pictures here



totally forgot I had photobucket so changed it to that, not sure why its not showing the youtube clip and its just showing a link.

do have more photo's to upload but not on this pc

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well that would be the plan, especially curb or another event. I enjoyed making that first video. I didn't tell you but the one I have is this phantom 3 professional and can record upto 4k 60 frames, the camera is sony 12 megapixel at the moment im recording in 1080p 30 frames as the laptop cant handle anymore but watching clips on youtube that's done in 4k and watching in 1080p or on phone (720p) it still shows really well scaled down. even though the iphone 6 is 720p it can play the 4k file from the card in the quadcopter

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I dont have one and alot of people dont have one.

For flying these you

Basically you need to be 150m from a congested area, 50m from people and things not under your control.

And if you're taking any kind of valuable consideration for your flying (eg getting paid in money or kind) then you need a PFAW (Permission for Aerial Work). That's a course, and a flight test and an operations manual and its around £2k.

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