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Nurburgring Trip 2015


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Leg 1 is over and we are now at the overnight stop in Folkstone, chilling out with a few beers before catching the Chunnel over to Calais tomorrow



More pictures of the trip to come

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Chilling out today and taking in some of the scenery around the area. Now having a beer






Tonight we are off to a festival in the village where we are stopping :)

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On Saturday night, we were invited to a local event in the village where the hotel was. A BBQ and few beers :)



and Essbon flipping beer mats !


On Sunday morning, started with Breakfast before heading off to the ring to try and get a lap or two on the track

As you can see Andy wasn't impressed with the breakfast :lol:


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Arriving at the Nordschleife we were greeted with traffic queuing to get on the track, so parked up and walked to the ticket office to purchase the passes needed to get through the barrier and onto the circuit


The real problem with the Nordscheife is the piss poor organisation to get onto the track and the fact that every few minutes the track is closed due to a bike or car coming of the circuit and the recovery truck/doctor having to go out to survey what's happened and bring back any injured parties. To be honest the majority of the problem was down to bikes and there were numerous bought back on the Tow track with the rider in the back of the ambulance. The circuit really isn't suited to bikes and IMO the time should be split between cars and bikes, or the bikes should go on the GP circuit down the road. When the track shuts you get into a one way system which then looses your place in the queue when the circuit re opens



Finally on the circuit and you can then buy a picture like this :thumb:


and buy the stickers !!


All in all a great weekend and something I would do again. Going on the track is only part of the experience, The countryside and roads around the track are stunning. The Hotel/guest house we stopped in was great and clean with a good hosts in Joseph and his wife. Definitely worth doing if you are thinking about it. The roads in Europe are far superior to ours back home :)

On the way back, those that got back to Calais on time even managed a coffee and crepe before boarding the train back to England


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Looks like you all had an amazing trip.....perhaps a yearly event?? With a few more M-SOC members.

Could you post up a break down of the costs.

eg....Fuel, Hotels, Food, The Ring prices

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Approximately for a 4 night trip with a stop on the way there in Folkstone

Fuel £200 - £250

Tunnel £120

Premier Inn £60 or £30 sharing

Hotel in Germany £100 3 nights sharing (Less depending where you stay - I think our was 90 euros for three nights)

Spending money £150 - £200 for beer and food. less if you want it to be

Laps are around £20 each

So around £750 - £800

Most of this is off the top of my head. Can cut the cost down by driving straight there with no stop over, which removes one night hotel in Folkstone

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