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Hi all,

I have a strange issue with my WRX01 wagon,

When setting off 'swiftly' (well, trying to), when I drop the clutch and throw it in first or second quickly when the clutch engages again it seems like its lacking power and kind of kangeroos a little (not slipping),

feels like the judder is taking away the power... (if that makes any sense...??)

Any ideas would be great as its a little embarrassing giving it a cheeky rev at the lights then planting it only to have everything wobble down the road ! haha

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It like when there is too much tire grip when I engage the clutch it wobbles a bit and the power goes into wobbling rather than going forwards!

Would engine / gearbox bushes / mounts do this if they are on their way out? its done 140k and pretty sure they are original ones...

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Well, I found out what it was!

I purchased a STI used anti rock engine thing for £7 from eBay, then took the intercooler off and noticed something wasn't right,

The stock one WASN'T BOLTED AT ONE END!!! haha!!

Amazing what a difference it made when I attached the STI one and actually bolted it together! haha!

What cowboy would forget to attach it??

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