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Version 2 STI


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Subaru Impreza version 2 sti for sale

A friend of mine brought this to use as a sprint/track day car but unfortunately has lost a bit of interest in it due to possible head gasket problem,I have been in this car and it drives superb and is as fast as my blob sti but when driven hard and on full boost it blows air bubbles into the coolant expansion tank,but other than that this car drives excellent with no knocks or bangs

He has spent over £4k on it so far including the purchase price and is reluctant to spend any more unfortunately so is willing to take a considerable loss to sell it

In his ownership it has had The following....

Maf sensor replaced

New oil sump(it had an oil leak when purchased)

Rear crank oil seal replaced(this was the oil leak not the sump)

New pink exedy stage 1 organic clutch

BC coil overs

Oil catch tank

Godspeed discs/pads all round and re-furbished calipers with fitting kit

New wheels with Toyo T1-R tyres all round

Lamco gauges in pod

Stainless exhaust

Newly fitted sigma alarm

Sti strut brace

Genuine STI rear lights ( had horrible lexus ones on when brought )

It has a current MOT ( not sure how much )

There are probably other things that I have forgotten but when I speak to him I will update the thread

This could be a great project for someone

As I said he is open to sensible offers but if none come he will be considering breaking it and personally I think it would be a shame as these are becoming rare now

Any questions just ask

Thanks ian



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Nip it up to SCR and we can do you a sniff test and leak down if required, give you a definitive answer on whats gone, may also be interested to buy in as a breaker/project to rework and resell.

What sort of price is a sniff test/leak down test Dan??

Also what sort of price would you be offering?? Message me the reply if you want

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Just spoke to Paul who owns the car,it has MOT till August,approximately 98k miles and the engine was allegedly rebuilt by API at some stage but he has no paperwork to back this up although there is an API branded intercooler hose fitted ( I know this doesn't mean anything but thought I'd mention it)

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This car is up for sale for £3500 Ono, the presumed head gasket problem turned out to be a blocked pipe from the header tank to the expansion bottle,it has Mot until September 2016 and the mileage is approx 98,000 which is a combination of miles/kilometres



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