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Membership Discounts

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There are numerous benefits from becoming a full club supporter

These range from

1. Car Insurance

2. Servicing of your car at Sponsors Garages

3. Discounts on Club run track days

4. Discounts on other club events

6. Rolling Road day discounts

6. Exclusive priority on shows (i.e Rally Day)

7. Monthly meet dining discount

8. Exclusive discount codes from many top suppliers

9. Access all areas of the forum

10. Unlimited daily posts

11. Direct photo attachments

12. Member only events

And more.....

To become a club supporter, please click on the subscriptions tab at the top of the forum or click the link below


On becoming a full club supporter, more details of club discounts on production of your membership card or proof of membership via forum status can be found here


and in the Perks of membership section here



M-SOC Admin

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